PECVD Graphite Boat
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PECVD Graphite Boat

Semicorex provide high-quality PECVD Graphite Boat with customized service. Semicorex is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, we look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Semicorex PECVD Graphite Boat, specifically designed for applications in solar cells, the chemical industry, and beyond. As pioneers in the industry, we employ a groundbreaking secondary purification process, directly enhancing material purity. Even under prolonged operating conditions, the graphite boat maintains outstanding uniform resistivity at all points, ensuring uniform current distribution, reducing coating color variation, and effectively slowing down graphite boat oxidation to extend its lifespan.

Secondary Purification Process: Our industry-first secondary purification process significantly enhances material purity, ensuring that the product meets the highest standards of quality.

Uniform Resistivity: Exceptional uniform resistivity across all points of the PECVD Graphite Boat, even during extended operating periods, ensures uniform current distribution, reduces coating color variation, and enhances production consistency.

C-coating Surface Treatment: The PECVD Graphite Boat's surface undergoes a C-coating process, improving surface flatness and smoothness. This increases the contact area between the boat and silicon wafers, extending the saturation usage cycles and prolonging the boat's lifespan.

Balance Machining Process: Employing a balance machining process maximally eliminates internal stresses within the PECVD Graphite Boat, preventing deformation after prolonged use and significantly reducing thermal expansion by over 80%, thereby enhancing stability.

Whether in the manufacturing of solar cells or the chemical industry, our PECVD Graphite Boat ensures exceptional performance and reliability in your process. Choose our product to invest in the future, boost production efficiency, and ensure that your manufacturing processes reach the highest standards.

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