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Semicorex Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd is a leading high-quality supplier of top-notch chemical vapor deposition (CVD) SiC coating products in China. We are committed to the research and development of innovative semiconductor materials, particularly of SiC coating technology and its application in the semiconductor industry. We offer a wide range of high-quality products such as SiC coated graphite susceptors, silicon carbide coated, deep UV epitaxy susceptors, CVD substrate heaters, CVD SiC wafer carriers, wafer boats, as well as semiconductor components and silicon carbide ceramic products.

The SiC thin film used in LED chip epitaxy and silicon single crystal substrates has a cubic phase with the same crystal lattice structure as diamond, and it is second only to diamond in hardness. SiC is a widely recognized wide-bandgap semiconductor material with immense potential for application in the semiconductor electronics industry, and has excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

In the production of electronic devices, wafers must pass through several steps, including silicon epitaxy, in which the wafers are carried on graphite susceptors. The quality and properties of the susceptors play a crucial role in the quality of the wafer's epitaxial layer. Graphite base is one of the core components of MOCVD equipment, and it is the carrier and heater of the substrate. Its thermally stable Performance parameters such as thermal uniformity play a decisive role in the quality of epitaxial material growth, and directly determine the average Uniformity and purity.

At Semicorex, we utilize CVD to manufacture dense β-SiC films on high-strength isostatic graphite, which has higher purity compared to sintered SiC materials. Our products such as SiC coated graphite susceptors endow the graphite base with special properties, making the surface of graphite base compact, smooth and non-porous, superior heat resistant, thermal uniformity, corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant.

SiC coating technology has gained widespread use particularly in LED epitaxial carriers’ growth and Si single crystal epitaxy. With the rapid growth of the semiconductor industry, the demand for SiC coating technology and products has increased significantly. Our SiC coating products have a wide range of applications in the aerospace, photovoltaic industry, nuclear energy, high-speed rail, automotive, and other industries.

Product Application

LED IC epitaxy

Single-crystal silicon epitaxy

RTP/TRA wafer carriers

ICP/PSS etching

Plasma etching

SiC epitaxy

Monocrystalline silicon epitaxy

Silicon-base GaN epitaxy

Deep UV epitaxy

semiconductor etching

photovoltaic industry

SiC Epitaxial CVD system

SiC epitaxial film growth equipment

MOCVD reactor

MOCVD system

CVD equipment

PECVD systems

LPE systems

Aixtron systems

Nuflare systems

TEL CVD systems

Vecco systems

TSI systems 

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