Isostatic Graphite

Isostatic Graphite

Semicorex provides high-quality isostatic graphite with customized service. Semicorex is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, we look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Isostatic Graphite by Semicorex stands as an exceptional material with unparalleled characteristics, making it an ideal choice for semiconductor processes. With an ultra-high density of 1.95, Semicorex sets the standard for quality and performance in the field of isostatic graphite.

The defining feature of Semicorex Isostatic Graphite lies in its remarkable density, emphasizing its superior structural integrity and resistance to wear and tear. This high density ensures durability and longevity in semiconductor applications, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Moreover, Semicorex Isostatic Graphite is renowned for its outstanding stability. The material maintains a consistently high level of quality, providing a reliable and predictable substrate for semiconductor processes. This stability is crucial in ensuring the precision and repeatability required in the semiconductor industry.

In addition to its density and stability, Semicorex Isostatic Graphite exhibits a high coefficient of thermal expansion. This characteristic is especially valuable in semiconductor processes, where precise temperature control is essential. The material's ability to withstand and adapt to varying temperatures ensures optimal performance and reliability in diverse semiconductor applications.

Overall, Semicorex Isostatic Graphite stands out as a top-notch choice for semiconductor processes, combining ultra-high density, stability, and a high coefficient of thermal expansion. This material not only meets but exceeds the stringent demands of the semiconductor industry, making it an indispensable component for cutting-edge technologies and processes.

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