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Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts

Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts

Semicorex provide high-quality Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts with customized service. Semicorex is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, we look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts play a crucial role in semiconductor manufacturing processes, where precision, reliability, and resistance to harsh conditions are paramount. These specially treated components, including etching rings and crucibles, are designed to endure the challenging environments encountered in semiconductor fabrication.

Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts such as Etching rings are critical components used in the semiconductor industry for processes like chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD). These rings come into direct contact with reactive gases and high-temperature environments during the etching process.

Tantalum Carbide Coated Graphite Parts are coated with a thin layer of tantalum carbide. This coating provides exceptional wear resistance and protection against corrosive chemicals, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

The tantalum carbide coating enhances the hardness and chemical stability of the etching rings, preventing degradation and contamination. It also contributes to uniform etching results and prolonged operational lifespan.

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