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What is graphitising?


Graphitising is the process of transforming non-graphitic charcoal into graphitic charcoal with graphite three-dimensional regular ordered structure by high-temperature heat treatment, making full use of electrical resistance heat to heat the charcoal material to 2300~3000 ℃, and transforming the charcoal with amorphous chaotic layer structure into ordered graphite crystalline structure.

The whole process is graphite crystalline structure transformation, atomic rearrangement of energy from high-temperature heat treatment, the use of high-temperature heat treatment of atomic rearrangement and structural transformation to provide energy, this process requires the consumption of a large amount of energy, with the increase in the heat treatment temperature, the graphite layer spacing gradually become smaller, generally in the range of 0.343~0.346 nm, the general temperature of the temperature to 2500 ℃ when the change is significant, to 3000 ℃ when the change is gradually slow, until the completion of the whole graphite crystal structure. The graphitising process is gradually slowed down until the whole graphitising process is completed.

Graphitising has 3 main effects:

1. Improve the thermal and electrical conductivity of carbon materials, the resistivity is reduced by 4-5 times, and the thermal conductivity is increased by about 10 times;

2. improve the thermal shock resistance and chemical stability of carbon materials (reduce the coefficient of linear expansion by 50-80%), make the carbon materials have lubricity and anti-wear properties, and improve the purity of carbon materials (the ash content of the product is reduced from 0.5-0.8% to about 0.3%)

3. purifying and removing impurities. When the graphitising temperature is increased to nearly 2200°C, the impurities in the anode material for lithium ion batteries have basically been eliminated.

Graphitization is the core process for the preparation of artificial graphite anode, which determines the quality and quality stability of artificial graphite products to a certain extent; part of the natural graphite will also be processed at high temperature to further enhance the degree of graphitization, thus improving the energy density.

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