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What is C/C composite?


C/C composite is a carbon-carbon composite material made of carbon fibers as reinforcement and carbon as matrix through processing and carbonization, with excellent mechanical and high-temperature resistance properties. The material was initially used in aerospace and special fields, and with the maturity of the technology, it has been gradually used in photovoltaic, automotive, lithium battery, medical devices and other fields.

Carbon/carbon composites are known for their excellent high-temperature performance, characterized by low thermal expansion, ablation resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Carbon/carbon composites are used in extreme environments close to 3000°, and are considered to be one of the excellent high-temperature-resistant structural materials, and are therefore widely used in aerospace, specialties, marine vessels, and other fields. In addition, carbon/carbon composites offer a range of other outstanding properties:

1) Light weight: the density of carbon/carbon composites is usually about 1.2-1.45g/cm3, which is only 1/4 of that of steel, 2/3 of that of aluminum, and 1/4 of that of heat-resistant alloys, so it can significantly reduce the weight of the structure and improve the performance when it is used in aircraft, missiles, rockets and other territories.

2) Excellent mechanical properties: compared with other high-performance fibers, carbon/carbon composites have high specific strength and high specific modulus, especially in high-temperature environments above 2000°C, strength can be achieved without degradation.

3) Resistance to friction and wear: Carbon/carbon composites have outstanding friction resistance, when the friction surface temperature reaches more than 1000°C, its friction performance remains stable. The wear rate is only 1/5 of that of powder metallurgy/steel. Thus, it can be used as a friction material for a long time.

4) High biocompatibility: Carbon/carbon composite inherits the inherent biocompatibility of carbon materials. It is a kind of biomedical material with excellent comprehensive performance and potential for bone repair and bone replacement.

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