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Quartz products in semiconductor applications


In the semiconductor industry, quartz is widely used, and high-purity quartz products are even more important consumables in wafer production. The production of silicon single crystal crucibles, crystal boats, diffusion furnace core tubes, and other quartz components must use high-purity quartz glass products. Quartz parts in the semiconductor field, the main target market applications for wafer foundry diffusion and etching process, can be divided into two categories of high-temperature zone devices and low-temperature zone devices, will use the main devices are as follows:

1) High-temperature zone devices are mainly diffusion oxidation and other aspects of the use of furnace tubes, glass boat racks, etc., need to be in a high-temperature environment, directly or indirectly in contact with the silicon wafer; mainly the procurement of electrofused quartz glass materials, produced through thermal processing;

2) Low-temperature zone devices are mainly etching links such as quartz rings, but also include cleaning process baskets, cleaning tanks, etc., mainly used in low-temperature environments; mainly purchased gas refining quartz glass, through cold processing production

Among them, the high-temperature zone devices consume faster, but similar to the multi-chip machine (a bearer to carry more than one wafer), the low-temperature zone devices consume slower, but monolithic (a bearer to carry a wafer); therefore, the two overall market size is relatively close to each other.