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The first 6-inch Gallium Oxide substrate industrialization company


Recently, our company announced that the company has successfully developed a 6-inch Gallium Oxide(Ga2O3) single crystal using the casting method, becoming the first domestic industrialized company to master the 6-inch Gallium Oxide single crystal substrate preparation technology.

The company used a self-innovated casting method to successfully prepare a high-quality 6-inch unintentionally doped and conductive Gallium Oxide single crystal, and processed a 6-inch Gallium Oxide substrate.

Compared with traditional Silicon Carbide semiconductor materials, the fourth-generation semiconductor material Gallium Oxide has a higher withstand voltage, lower cost, and higher energy saving efficiency. With its excellent performance and low-cost manufacturing, Gallium Oxide is mainly used to prepare power devices, radio frequency devices and detection devices. It is widely used in rail transit, smart grids, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, 5G mobile communications, national defense and military industries, etc. field.

In the next 10 years or so, Gallium Oxide devices are likely to become competitive power electronic devices and will directly compete with Silicon Carbide devices. In addition, the industry generally believes that in the future, Gallium Oxide is expected to replace Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride to become the representative of a new generation of semiconductor materials.

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